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  1. Serge

    The truth about Orthodox/Catholic relations

    There was a sincere hope in the 1960s that all the high churches would reunite. Maybe it WAS all just misunderstandings, like what Catholics and Eastern Orthodox now think of the Non-Chalcedonians. (In the '70s and '80s I was a wishful Anglican, then women's ordination ended all that.) In...
  2. Serge

    Gerard Depardieu converts to Russian Orthodoxy

    From The Moscow Times this past Monday:
  3. Serge

    Out of work

    I'm out of work.
  4. Serge

    Donna and my job

    That the love of my life, Donna, comes back to me and for peace at my job at last. Thank you. Lord, have mercy and your will be done.
  5. Serge

    Western Rite in pictures: what I mean

    Western Rite Orthodoxy. Not this: This is for Roman Catholics. Post-schism Roman devotions? It wouldn't make sense for you to adopt them. Or this: What I call the "Woo hoo! We're Orthodox!" look. Byzantine icons set up this way in a formerly high-Episcopal sanctuary look tacked-on; an...
  6. Serge

    Summing up

    I tried Orthodoxy. I still use much of it, from prayers at home to church (Byzantine Catholic) at least once a month. If it didn't practice remarriage after divorce, held the fort against contraception, and was more than an idealization of Byzantine culture shading into idolatry of it, if it...
  7. Serge

    Dis-illusionment and letting go

    In another thread one of the many converts in this forum was being kind saying that losing your faith in your birth church and in God as it understands him is painful. I just wanted to say I've done that. I was born Episcopal, so before I became Catholic I had to be shocked by the reality of...
  8. Serge

    Rooted communities?

    While it's no secret I don't agree with Orthodoxy so I don't agree with its Western Rite(s), I would be impressed if there were centuries/generations-old communities of Western Rite Orthodox in Western lands such as France and Germany, maybe concentrated in regions such as Bavaria (the way...
  9. Serge

    The young fogey's religious origin and conversion

    This does not attack or criticize Orthodoxy. Short and simple: born Episcopal 48 years ago when it was still externally conservative...
  10. Serge

    Wildwood, New Jersey, my American 1963 Brigadoon

    Wildwood Classic Car Show and Auction. Video. The boardwalk Greek diner the Olympic Flame is our Saturday breakfast tradition, convenient as the boardwalk is right across Ocean Avenue from the hotel and we're right there for the classic cars to be driven onto the boardwalk for the day. I give...
  11. Serge

    Images: required?

    In another thread someone said the Seventh Ecumenical Council teaches that the use of images in worship is de fide, required. I disagree. The church includes cultures/rites that don't use them (the Nestorian Rite). All you have to believe is that your brethren using them aren't heretics for so...
  12. Serge

    Is Orthodox monasticism really hesychastic?

    Spinning off from this thread. It seems to me that Orthodox monasticism is more about praying the full liturgical life of the church, such as the full horologion, than hesychasm. Seems like what seems to be a myth that most Orthodox laity use the Jesus Prayer primarily. Maybe that is a...
  13. Serge

    If American Orthodoxy followed the rules for jurisdiction...

    Probably been covered here, and I know it's not a big deal in Orthodoxy, so the patchwork of ethnic jurisdictions since the Russian Revolution will go on indefinitely, but... Since the Russians were here first, the OCA's the canonical Orthodox church. (The old Russian metropolia from before the...
  14. Serge

    Scandinavian social ways (from: converting?)

    That doesn't sound like what I've read elsewhere or the few times I've met Scandinavians. Unlike the American stereotype of swinging Sweden, I've found them very reserved/withdrawn.
  15. Serge

    Orthodoxy's social niche in America...

    Orthodoxy's social niche in America is as a nearly invisible ethnic old-fashioned but mainline denomination, I think partly because of its smallness in the US and partly because of longstanding policy to blend in as much as possible and not to make waves. (But liturgically that’s not so... an...
  16. Serge

    'Stelio! Stelio Kontas!' on 'American Dad'

    Along with 'The Simpsons' and 'Futurama' I like Seth MacFarlane's cartoon shows. I don't know if anybody else caught it but this week on 'American Dad' when Stan bullies son Steve to try to toughen him up, Steve finds Stan's old bully, Stelio Kontas, on Facebook and hires him to teach Stan a...
  17. Serge

    'Crime Story' tribute

    'Crime Story' is Michael Mann's ode to fedora hats, wingtip shoes, cars with tail fins, swinging jazz and rock & roll. The story is populated with crooks who talk smooth and fight dirty, and cops who talk tough and fight dirtier...
  18. Serge

    'It is later than you think' source?

    One show from old-time radio is Lights Out which begins every episode with a clock chiming and the announcer saying (one word at each chime) It… Is… Later… Than… You… Think… This comes up in a surprising place, later. Well, why not?
  19. Serge

    700 years of Ruthenian history... in 30 seconds

    Here it is. There's lots of blame to go round in that part of the world. The Rusins (Ruthenians) were dumped on by both the Poles and the Russians, as Poles were by the Russians. Orthodox to begin with, Rusins were so persecuted by the Poles about 500 years ago that they went under Rome (became...
  20. Serge

    Brief, basic intro to Orthodoxy

    I wrote this for a local paper: