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  1. Asteriktos

    Theological hot takes that can get you in trouble with your fellow brethren

    The above book by Fr. Seraphim, along with God's Revelation to the Human Heart, are the only books by him that have any spiritual value
  2. Asteriktos

    W.A.G.-word association game

    El Guapo
  3. Asteriktos

    Picture of the Day

  4. Asteriktos

    What is everyone reading?

    Very much a let down. Some nice turns of phrase and some points that few people would disagree with, but mixed in with a lot of dodgy argumentation. I've never been one for Stoicism, but I thought since Cicero is reputedly an eclectic and sceptic--the same as me--that the Stoic philosophy might...
  5. Asteriktos

    Animations of the Day

  6. Asteriktos

    Animations of the Day

  7. Asteriktos

    Why did you choose your icon?

    I didn't choose my icon, my icon chose me
  8. Asteriktos

    Last thing you ate

    Midnight snack: SweetTarts and Walmart sugar cookies, washed down with some milk and a gulp of Pepsi
  9. Asteriktos

    All Things Cats

  10. Asteriktos

    ima watch one of his movies one of these days 😇

    ima watch one of his movies one of these days 😇
  11. Asteriktos

    It Takes Perseverance

    lol when I did a search to find out how long it was expected to remain operational, google did a cute little animation
  12. Asteriktos

    W.A.G.-word association game

  13. Asteriktos

    What's everyone listening to?

  14. Asteriktos

    Orthodox/Catholic Semantics in Historical Church Quotes

    The Justinian one I find especially humorous as some kind of proof text--Justinian, the Emperor who demanded that the Pope support his theology, and then when he didn't he sent armed men into the sanctuary of a church to drag the Pope away from the altar he was clutching to, and put him under...
  15. Asteriktos

    What videos are you watching?

    Clicked video for the Russian and bear, stayed for the comment section
  16. Asteriktos

    The Things that Cheer You Up

    I was just having some fun 😇
  17. Asteriktos

    Departed Forum Members

    Memory eternal! ☹