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  1. Wyatt

    Apology and inquiry

    God bless you, thank you, and happy to meet you now. :) Thank you for the input. I do know of several within driving range. God bless you. Good to know, Deacon. Thank you and God bless you. Please Bless me and pray for me as well. God bless you and thank you for the prayers. Your post caught...
  2. Wyatt

    Apology and inquiry

    Hello. I hope everyone is doing well. I have not been on this forum in quite some time. I could go over all that has transpired since then that brought me here today, but there is not enough time in the day to do that so I will be as succinct as I can. My conduct on this forum the first time I...
  3. Wyatt

    What on earth is the deal with leavened hosts???

    For some reason, I cannot find online anywhere what the leavened hosts (or "altar bread" as we call it, in our Church at least, before it is consecrated and becomes the Body of Christ) that are used for Western Orthodox Masses look like...like not one single picture of leavened altar bread...
  4. Wyatt

    Okay guys, I really need your help

    The following posted with Fr. George's administrative approval  -PtA My girlfriend Erin has the same genetic bone condition that I have (osteogenesis imperfecta) and she is in this contest where, if she gets enough votes, she will get a vehicle that is fully modified which would allow her to...
  5. Wyatt

    Who is content as an Eastern Catholic?

    I have heard from several people that becoming Eastern Catholic or joining one of the Eastern Catholic Churches was not really a permanent thing, but seems to be more of a stepping stone on the path to leaving the Catholic Church and entering the Eastern Orthodox Church. My question is, who all...
  6. Wyatt

    Growth and development in the Eastern Orthodox Church

    I was looking at the OCA website yesterday, and I came across the following: "As the Church continues to live by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Tradition of the Church will continue to grow and develop. This process will go on until the establishment of the Kingdom of God at the...
  7. Wyatt


    I know you're not supposed to pray with the non-Orthodox, but perhaps you can at least pray for one. I've got some personal spiritual stuff going on right now (really it's been going on for awhile but it's getting worse) and I feel like I'm stuck in the desert without answers...so if you could...
  8. Wyatt


    I was wanting to learn more about the Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox view on eternity. How do you define it? The reason I ask is because the discussion on God's essence and energies and how that relates to theosis got me to thinking about the subject of eternity. As a former Protestant...
  9. Wyatt

    Nihil obstats, imprimaturs, and such

    Since it seems that a great many on this forum (including even myself) do not have a proper understanding of the nihil obstat and the imprimatur, I thought it would be useful to have a thread to clear everything up. Fr. Ambrose pointed out to me, for instance, that the nihil obstat is not...
  10. Wyatt

    Apparently I just reached 1337 posts on the forum

    ugh...stupid photobucket. nevermind
  11. Wyatt

    Does the concept of ghosts fit into Orthodox theology?

    How does the Orthodox Church explain paranormal phenomena such as alleged hauntings, poltergeists, etc.? Are these ever actually the spirits of the departed, or is it simply trickery from Satan and the demons?
  12. Wyatt

    Looking for Icons

    Where is a good place to find Icons to buy online? I checked Amazon but they do not seem to have anything. They have books on Icons and such as that but no actual Icons to purchase. I already have an Icon of Christ in my room but am wanting to greatly expand so that I have either an entire wall...
  13. Wyatt

    Is there an Orthodox equivalent to the Knights of Columbus?

    I seem to remember hearing about a group similar to the Knights of Columbus that exists within Orthodoxy (I believe on this forum) but I cannot remember what it is called? Anyone know of a group like that?
  14. Wyatt

    Is Orthodox-Catholic reunion on the horizon?

    Hi everyone. I realize this is a somewhat tongue in cheek format, but I am interested in hearing what everyone thinks and why. Everyone's feedback is welcome! If you select "other" I ask you to please explain, but anyone is free to tell how they voted and why if they want to.
  15. Wyatt


    In the Catholic Church, I hear a lot about people being scrupulous, which I have heard is essentially like religious OCD. I was wondering how common this is in the Orthodox Church? I would especially like to hear input from Priests if they can disclose any details without breaking the seal of...
  16. Wyatt

    Worshiping a different Christ/different Trinity (EO vs. RC)?

    I have been told at various times on this forum that, since I am a Roman Catholic and presumably outside of the Body of Christ (since the consensus on here is, obviously, that the Orthodox Church is the True Church), that I worship a different Christ and/or a different Holy Trinity than what...
  17. Wyatt

    Schismatic Pony! The next big meme?

    The concept was created by me and a friend, and then another friend made the design for it on photo shop. The captions are mine. However, most of all I would like to thank all of you. I could have never conceived such an idea had it not been for your wonderful witness.  ;D
  18. Wyatt

    Is it right for the Vatican to financially support the Eastern Orthodox Church?

    I am mainly looking for answers from Roman Catholics and Eastern Catholics, although anyone is welcome to weigh in on this. I would say no, since we are the True Church founded by Jesus Christ and the other Churches are in schism, that by financially supporting them we are financially...
  19. Wyatt


    ...the Roman Catholic Church didn't require the Eastern Orthodox Church to accept our definition of primacy in terms of the role of the Bishop of Rome and didn't require them to embrace the filioque or any of the post-schism doctrines/dogmas of the Roman Catholic Church, would you all be in...
  20. Wyatt

    Oriental Orthodoxy and toll houses

    Does the Oriental Orthodox Church largely embrace the teaching of toll houses, or is that belief something that is unique to the Eastern Orthodox Church? If not, what is the Oriental Orthodox view of what happens to the soul after death?