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  1. J Michael

    Scripture, literally?

    This is something that has rattled around in my mind for quite some time and I don't seem able to really come to grips with it.  How much of Scripture (and, for that matter, too, the writings of the Holy Fathers), and which parts of it, are we to take literally?  And how much (and which parts)...
  2. J Michael

    Question about Psalm 50/51

    Can anyone explain to me the apparent contradiction in the two differently highlighted portions of this wonderful psalm? First the psalmist has God taking no delight in sacrifice, etc.,  but then goes on to, well...it's right there in the text. Thoughts, comments, clarification??
  3. J Michael

    For the repose of the soul of Joseph Garber

    Please pray for the repose of the soul of my father-in-law, Joseph Garber, who fell asleep in the Lord this morning.  He was 88 years old, and a very proud veteran of WWII. May his memory be eternal!
  4. J Michael

    Server issues??

    Is it just me, or is OC.net having recurring server/connectivity issues today?
  5. J Michael

    "The Soul's Journey After Death"

    Please forgive my ignorance, but how much of what is expressed here reflects mainstream Orthodox dogma or doctrine?
  6. J Michael

    Hiding on OC.net

    Since I've been on OC.net, I've repeatedly seen a phenomenon I can't figure out.  Sometimes posters will be shown as "1 hidden" or "2 hidden" or whatever.  Other times I've noticed that there are posters who post and it NEVER shows them as even being online.  Can anyone explain this to me?  And...
  7. J Michael

    Advice on Transcending Cool

    It has been stated elsewhere, quite truthfully I hasten to admit, that Mor Ephrem trancsends cool.  If anyone, especially Mor, has advice on how this can be accomplished, please post in this thread.
  8. J Michael

    A better Board?

    There are some posters, well...at least one anyway, who think that this board is "bad".  So, okay....what's bad about it, and what would you do to make it better, if you think it *is* bad?
  9. J Michael

    HAH Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew brushed his teeth, ETC...

    Is this too controversial? If not, discuss. If so, discuss.
  10. J Michael

    Horse tacos, sans kimchi

    By popular demand.  And good recipes?  Remember-- NO.  KIMCHI.  (Sauerkraut permitted.)
  11. J Michael

    I do/don't post in "Politics" because...

    This is just for fun and information.  Let's try to keep from getting it bumped into "Politics"  ;D  Vote up to 100 times (just like in some infamous American cities ;D), change your vote if you want.  Remember, the NSA is watching  :o :o.
  12. J Michael

    Fish Tacos, etc.

    So as to avert a total meltdown of another thread, I've taken the fish by the tail and started this thread with Gebre and Biro specifically in mind  ;D.
  13. J Michael

    "Christ in the Psalms" Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon

    Have any of you read this?  Would you please comment on it?  I love the psalter but find that oftentimes I don't understand what I'm reading/praying there.  Fr. Reardon's book looks as if it might help a lot, especially if the reviews on Amazon are to be believed, but would really appreciate...
  14. J Michael

    Doctor found guilty of murder in late-term abortions

    A drop of justice in a sea of misery and death.
  15. J Michael

    The Disappearing Orthodox

    I've noticed lately that, usually on Fridays, usually in the late morning/afternoon, this board totally disappears.  Sometimes just for an hour or so, but sometimes for up to almost a whole day.  Can anyone shed some light on this strange phenomenon??
  16. J Michael

    So, just when DOES, a soul enter a body?

    In another thread, the final paragraph of this post http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php/topic,50566.msg899976.html#msg899976 may be worth discussing separately.  (Or, maybe not  ;D.)
  17. J Michael

    My step-father

    I beg of all who read this to please pray for the repose of my step-father, Paul.  He fell asleep in the Lord yesterday evening from complications arising from a long battle with emphysema, cancer, and COPD. May he rest in God's peace and may his memory be eternal! Many thanks! God of the...
  18. J Michael

    Ordinary Form of the Catholic Mass, Roman Missal-A critical discussion

    In another thread, Cavaradossi wrote: "It would be nice to have a critical discussion on the OF as it was actually intended to be (that is, what is in the rubrics) rather than the abuses that certain people commit." Here's your chance  ;).  What would you like to discuss?
  19. J Michael

    Prayers for Baby Isaac

    Please pray for unborn baby Isaac, who departed this life last night due to a miscarriage.  Please pray, too, for his distraught parents, Scott and Shelby. Many thanks to all of you who offer your prayers. In Christ, J Michael
  20. J Michael

    Orthodox-Catholic Cuts, Pastes, Pretty Maps, and Irrelevant Comments

    Just an offering (neither burnt nor blood) of space for the above so other threads don't get derailed by them.