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  1. tweety234

    have you read this book?

    Misquoting Jesus http://www.amazon.ca/Misquoting-Jesus-Story-Behind-Changed/dp/0060859512 What do you think of it?
  2. tweety234

    what are you favourite incenses?

    what are your favorite incenses?
  3. tweety234

    what is this inclusive Orthodoxy I keep hearing about?

    any ideas? is it a heresy?
  4. tweety234

    how old should kids be baptised?

    How old should kids be baptised?
  5. tweety234

    would you wash a stranger's feet?

    would you follow this example of jesus for a stranger?
  6. tweety234

    bare essentials for salvation?

    what are they? In one sentence or less please.
  7. tweety234

    Do you like Joyce Meyer?

    what do you think of her general theology?
  8. tweety234

    what does the bible say about the toll houses?

    did jesus speak about them?
  9. tweety234

    How many books and which ones have you read by Father Philotheos Faros?

    What do you think of him? Personally he is one of my favorite writers. Maybe my most favorite.
  10. tweety234

    Do you believe that sexuality is a choice?

    If yes, at what age did you consciously choose to be attracted to the opposite gender? I personally can't say i chose to be straight. I was born that way. And it has nothing to do with religion.
  11. tweety234

    Do you want to share your thoughts?

    Those of you who were something else before you became an Orthodox, and those of you who were once an Orthodox before you became something else. What exactly made you change? Did you not really believe in your previous denomination?
  12. tweety234

    Has fate replaced God and free will?

    I hear people who chose not to marry saying it was not meant to be. I hear others choosing to marry some idiots, and they say it was meant that they would marry idiots. If everything is meant. If the tragedies and blessings in our lives were just meant to be. Where is our free will? and if...
  13. tweety234

    Can mother teresa go to heaven?

    A Funny muslim dialogue. Would you like to comment on it? here is the link http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/story/13564/can-mother-teresa-a-non-muslim-go-to-heaven/
  14. tweety234

    does anyone care to explain this because I don't get it?

    What is the lake of fire (gehenna)? is it a lake where we will be boiling and swimming for one eternity, where god will light fire on it? what is it?
  15. tweety234

    Do you find it easy to meditate?

    How do you manage to do so? Can you share any tips? thanks
  16. tweety234

    why is Richard Gere a Buddhist?

    Does anyone no why? Have you ever heard why?
  17. tweety234

    what is your favorite quotation of Origen?

    here are a couple of mine: 1: For whatever be the knowledge which we are able to obtain of God, either by perception or reflection, we must of necessity believe that He is by many degrees far better than what we perceive Him to be. 2: When Jesus then is with the multitudes, He is not in His...
  18. tweety234

    Have you watched touched by an angel when it was on?

    what did you think of the show?
  19. tweety234

    are you gay?

    How does your priest treat you? and how do you feel? Just curious.
  20. tweety234

    when it comes to God why is mercy and justice different?

    isn't mercy an expression of justice? and isn't justice an expression of love?