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    Dire humanitarian situation in Yemen

    Lord have mercy, protect the people.
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    Happy St. David’s Day

    For the Welsh and non-Welsh among us. Blessed feast to all.
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    Favorite Translation of the Bible

    I like the NKJV. I think its New Testament actually is used in the Orthodox Study Bible. Not sure though.
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    Please Pray For My Prodigal Son!

    May Ilija return to Christ. Lord have mercy.
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    Departed Forum Members

    Rest in peace.
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    For the recovery of Tiger Woods

    May he swiftly recover and come out of the hospital. Lord have mercy. St. Luke and St. Pantaleimon, pray for us.
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    Thanking God for His kindness

    I have been approved for the insurance to cover a medication I really needed. Praise and thanks be to God.
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    Built Up Anger, Spiritual attacks? (Advice and Prayers)

    Lord have mercy.
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    It Takes Perseverance

    I get another opportunity to post this! (6) David Bowie – Life On Mars? (Official Video) - YouTube
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    OO/EO or OO/RCC - Reunion Poll

    It has nothing to do with money. You can't buy spiritual union.
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    Thanks to God

    Glory to God for all things.
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    For a woman's recovery!!!

    Lord have mercy. St. Luke and St. Pantaleimon, pray for us.
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    For a family friend, Glenn K. Sr.

    He had a heart attack and is getting a Pacemaker. (Much like recently happened to my uncle.) Please pray that he comes through the procedure safely, as did Uncle Thomas. St. Luke and St. Pantaleimon, pray for us.
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    What videos are you watching?

    Bunch of videos on You Tube about the ending of "The Thing," directed by John Carpenter. The debate goes on and on, about which one of the two people is the alien. Was that ever a rabbit hole.
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    Actress Honor Blackman has dies

    Rest in peace. Lord have mercy.
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    For all those suffering in the snowstorms in Texas, Oklahoma, and elsewhere

    Lord have mercy. St. Michael, protect us.
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    It Takes Perseverance

    Aww, I didn't even think of that.