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  1. Pan Michał

    Kallistos Ware question

    Hi people! I don't know whether You remember me, or not, I've used to write here a few years ago from time to time. I've stopped, cause I don't have anything interesting to say, but I ramble through the forum every now and then. That said, I would like to ask you this - does anyone know, where...
  2. Pan Michał

    On icons

    Does anyone know, what do the angels on icon of Panagia Portaitissa symbolize, who do they represent, and why some copies do have them included, while others do not?
  3. Pan Michał


    I never thought I'm going to post in this section, but today my girlfriend broke up with with me. She meant so much for me, we wanted to get married. Please, mention me in your prayers, and mention her. She is atheist, but it does not matter, she is better Christian than I will ever be.
  4. Pan Michał

    Happy Western Pascha!

    To all of you, who are either Roman Catholic, Protestant, or other users of Gregorian calendar - Happy Pascha! A bit of early, but tomorrow you people are going to be quite busy, I guess :).
  5. Pan Michał

    Fire at Mount Athos

    http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/fire-isolated-greek-monastic-community-spreads-16965326 Doesn't sound good, given that they still fight with fire. Then again, it's nothing unusual in Greece. Seems that no one is hurt so far. Wonder if the monasteries were damaged, or are they...
  6. Pan Michał


    I've looked for a thread where I could introduce myself, but since I couldn't find one I'll do it here - hello to all, my name is Michael and I'm from Poland :)