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  1. Pravoslavbob

    Mor Ephrem wants to know...

    Fr. Lev Gillet sums it up best for me: "O strange Orthodox Church, so poor and so weak...maintained as if by a miracle through so many vicissitudes and struggles; Church of contrasts, so traditional and yet at the same time so free, so archaic and yet so alive, so ritualistic and yet so...
  2. Pravoslavbob

    Sacred Heart devotion and charges of Nestorianism

    This whole business concerning Eucharistic adoration has been explored in a couple of other threads in which you participated. A variety of points of view were shared about whether or not the Orthodox could accept Eucaristic adoration, under what circumstances they might, and the theological...
  3. Pravoslavbob

    My tooth is in pain right now

    Lord, have mercy.
  4. Pravoslavbob

    Beatific vision

    You are absolutely right to say that St. Thomas did indeed "defer to the truth of faith" against philosophical thought at times. But the simple fact of the matter is that he could not help being a creature of his time and place. Being an intellectual and a philosopher in the 13th-century West...
  5. Pravoslavbob

    Beatific vision

    Not so. St. Thomas Aquinas did use the Fathers a lot in his reasoning, but like other Scholastics he also imported many ideas from pagan philosophy into his theology in their entirety without removing or changing erroneous elements as the Fathers largely did. Origen was condemned largely...
  6. Pravoslavbob

    For the newly departed Martha

    Memory eternal!
  7. Pravoslavbob

    How do we combat postmodernism?

    Thread locked pending moderatorial review.
  8. Pravoslavbob

    Woke Homily at Vespers

    Dear All, I think we can agree that this thread is helpful when it comes to discussing in a neutral way whether or not clergy should vere into the political realm in their sermons, and as such, it would be good to keep it here in the public forum. So let's all try to do keep things as neutral...
  9. Pravoslavbob

    For a Cancer Check

    Lord, have mercy.
  10. Pravoslavbob

    Local Parish Apparently Declining

    Of course! I forgot about them for some reason.
  11. Pravoslavbob

    I will have brain surgery on Oct. 27

    Lord, have mercy.
  12. Pravoslavbob

    Local Parish Apparently Declining

    LOL. For sure there is one pretty big Antiochian parish near Niagara Falls, NY and a large OCA one in Buffalo. The Antiochian parish in KW is about one hour from central Hamilton. And another Antiochian one that you missed in St Catharines should be 30-60 minutes from you, depending on where...
  13. Pravoslavbob

    Local Parish Apparently Declining

    I'm not sure why you would insist on this: Perhaps you have simply been misinformed by "those in the know"? In any event, a quick internet search would reveal the presence of at least three other English-language missions (which AFAIK you have not yet visited) within "an hour's drive or so" of...
  14. Pravoslavbob

    What videos are you watching?

    Guinea Pig Bridge! ;)
  15. Pravoslavbob

    For a health issue

    Lord, have mercy.
  16. Pravoslavbob

    For the repose of the soul of Thomas

    Lord, have mercy.
  17. Pravoslavbob

    MOVED: (Serious Question) Do any you ever feel like you're in the wrong jurisdiction ?

    This topic has been moved to Faith Issues. http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php?topic=78229.0