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  1. podkarpatska

    Melkite Synod in 'rebellion'

    While the Orthodox Holy Synod is mired in controversy, apparently the Synod of the Melkite Greek Catholics is having their own problems. Apparently taking the 'Orthodox in union with Rome' concept to a higher level, 10 of the 22 bishops boycotted the June Synod prompting this reaction from the...
  2. podkarpatska

    Orthodox Hierarchical Divine Liturgy in Kosice Slovakia broadcast Live on TV

    I thought you'd enjoy this Hierarchical Liturgy mostly in Slavonic from the Orthodox cathedral in Kosice, Slovakia - broadcast yesterday on Slovak TV. The dark haired bishop is Metropolitan Rastislav of Presov and the taller one is Archbishop George of Kosice/Michalovce. Good choral pacing and...
  3. podkarpatska

    Fate of Orthodox Christianity's Great and Holy Council Hangs in the Balance

    Worth the read is this, "Fate of Orthodox Christianity's Great and Holy Council Hangs in the Balance." 'During the meeting of Christian Orthodox Primates (heads of local Orthodox churches), which begins today in Switzerland, the participants will show the world whether the unity of the Orthodox...
  4. podkarpatska

    Text size

    I was leaning over the keyboard and I did something to make the text small. I checked Google and got little help...it is just on OC.net.... No, I did NOT spill a red cup of Starbucks on the keyboard!  ;) Chrome browser... thanks
  5. podkarpatska


    What a joyful "co-incidence" -- by providence, certainly not by chance -- that today, when the miraculous, myrrh-gushing icon of the Theotokos Kardiotissa (from St George's Orthodox Church in Taylor PA) comes to Pittsburgh for the very first time (at St Nicholas in Homestead at 6 pm tonight), it...
  6. podkarpatska

    For the Servant of God, the newly ordained priest, Daniel

    Remember in your prayers the Priest Daniel, ordained last Sunday by His Grace Bishop Gregory of the ACROD, as he begins his ministry in the Vineyard of Our Lord.  Axios! Many years!
  7. podkarpatska

    Ordination to Diaconate

    Axios!! Many years to Deacon Will Bennett, grandson of Deacon Charles Ellis, nephew of Father Michael Ellis and Seminarian George Ellis. Deacon Will was ordained by His Grace Bishop Gregory of the ACROD  at Camp Nazareth in Mercer, PA this morning. He will be ordained to the Priesthood on...
  8. podkarpatska

    The newly tonsured Reader, Samuel

    Prayers today for the newly tonsured Reader, Samuel Loposky, who was made a Reader this morning at Camp Nazareth by His Grace, Bishop Gregory of the ACROD. Sam is the oldest son of Father Stephan and Pani Daria Loposky. Sam's grandfather is retired Professor David Drillock . A wonderful family...
  9. podkarpatska

    You know things are bad when....

    You know things are bad when YOUR MECHANIC HAS TO CALL IN TWO PRIESTS, or at least one and a reader...
  10. podkarpatska

    Fr. George Gligich, burned badly in an accident at the altar

    I learned of this tragic accident from Sunday July 5 upon catching up with other blogs etc upon return from vacation. I don't know Father George, but such an accident is rare and something you fear in the back of your mind growing up around the church.  Please keep Fr. George Gligich in your...
  11. podkarpatska

    For a speedy and complete recovery for Archbishop Michael of the OCA

    Please remember His Eminence, Archbishop Michael of NY/NJ of the OCA as he recovers from surgery. May he soon be restored to the fullness of health and return to his service in the Vineyard of Christ. Many years.
  12. podkarpatska

    In memory of Prof. and Cantor Andrew Talarovich

    Grant rest O Lord, to your newly departed servant, the Reader Andrew, choir director and cantor at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Homestead, PA. Andrew died suddenly at age 52 earlier today while doing his job as director of St. Nicholas parish cemetery. His beautiful voice and talented choir...
  13. podkarpatska

    For the newly Ordained, Father David

    Prayers for the newly ordained, Father David Urban. Father was ordained to the Orthodox priesthood yesterday, May 17, 2015 at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Homestead, PA by His Grace, Bishop Gregory. Many years! Axios!
  14. podkarpatska

    Victory Day Panachida/Trisagion Service at Soviet Army Memorial in Slovakia

    Памятная церемония у памятника Советской армии в городе Свидник (Словакия) 10/05/2015 Commemorative ceremony at the monument of the Soviet Army in the town of Svidnik (Slovakia). This is a memorial service by the Orthodox faithful and clergy on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the end of...
  15. podkarpatska

    Archbishop Michael honored on Fifth Anniversary

    Congratulations today to my old friend, His Eminence, Archbishop Michael (Dahulich) of the OCA Diocese of New York and New Jersey on this, the fifth anniversary of his elevation to the rank of Bishop. Bishop Michael is a son of St. Michael's Church (ACROD) in Binghamton New York where he was a...
  16. podkarpatska

    Earthquake among the Jesuits, at the Pontifical Oriental Institute

    " 'Earthquake among the Jesuits, at the Pontifical Oriental Institute'  The general of the Society of Jesus has decommissioned the rector and the two deans. The Islamologue Samir Khalil Samir is the new provisory regent. A disaster predicted years ago'" Tea leaf reading anyone? ...
  17. podkarpatska

    A question about the Religious Freedom laws going around these days.

    A want to pose this question NOT to get into politics, but to look more closely at the possible implications of the Indiana law. Take it out of the gay context. Make it divorce and remarriage. If you recall, last fall we had some spirited discussions here about the differences between the...
  18. podkarpatska

    Calculating the Date of Pascha

    This should start an 'interesting' discussion, but as I understand it, Father Damick is correct. "No, Pascha does not have to be after Passover (and other Orthodox urban legends) - March 31, 2015 by Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick "...
  19. podkarpatska

    The "Theology" of ISIS

    This article from the March Atlantic is a MUST read. ISIS is David Koresh or Jim Jones with eight million, rather than hundreds of followers..THIS IS IMORTANT READING, PLEASE DONT POLITICIZE THIS AND FORCE the mods to move this. "The Islamic State is no mere collection of psychopaths. It is a...
  20. podkarpatska

    Moscow Christmas Eve Great Complines 2015

    Well, although I have my issues with Moscow, I have to say that when it comes to magnificent settings in the modern Orthodox world no one does it better than the Russians. I suspect that outside of the Pope of Rome himself serving in St. Peters Basilica at Christmas Midnight Mass, there is no...