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  1. primuspilus

    Moving and need some advice

    Hey folks, Its been a while. Got a question. Im moving to Taunton, MA and need a parish to go to. I emailed my future bishop (Bp. John) who was not much help. Anyone from the area know of a good parish? Thanks! PP
  2. primuspilus

    Comin back for a bit.....

    Well well well folks. Its been a red hot minute...so, have I missed anything? PP
  3. primuspilus

    Christian support of the nation state of Israel

    I really didnt know where to put this. So, my questions is, why or why not should Christian support the current nation state of Israel? Im not trying to get political, but its a big and divisive subject, and I just want to know people's thoughts. Personally, I do not because the current...
  4. primuspilus

    Stations of the Cross

    I know this belongs in the WRO board, but not everyone reads it, and I wanted their opinions. This year we are doing the Stations of the Cross on Friday and its got me pretty bothered. I've always been told that the WR is a restoration of Pre-Schism Western Orthodoxy, purged of the wwestern...
  5. primuspilus

    Constantine XI

    I was reading an old thread and some folks mentioned he was an apostate. Does anyone have info on this? PP
  6. primuspilus

    How did you like Episode 7?

    So, since Episode 7 is out, what did you think of it? I got misty-eyed when Han got ran through. All-in-all its pretty darn fantastic. Ill be watching again. I did call the Kylo Ren thing perfectly....first time for everything. He started out awesome,and then kind of went wimpy. PP
  7. primuspilus

    Heavenly Mother

    Dont know if you all heard about this. I would like to get some opinions from former Mormons about the Heavenly Mother thing that the LDS posted the other day. It can be found here: http://www.sltrib.com/home/3094647-155/new-lds-essay-makes-it-clear PP
  8. primuspilus


    I have seen this alot and I have to say, Ive never sold them. Dont believe the hype......its all lies. PP
  9. primuspilus


    Had some account issues. Testing.
  10. primuspilus

    Leonard Nimoy

    Leonard Nimoy has passed. That sucks...... PP
  11. primuspilus

    Fr. Robert Arida and homosexuality

    If there is another thread on this, someone point me in the direction of it. Thanks. Read his views here: http://wonder.oca.org/2014/11/01/never-changing-gospel-ever-changing-culture/ I must say, that I find Fr. Arida's views on the Church and homosexuality pretty shocking. IMHO, its this...
  12. primuspilus


    Fasting is the most difficult part for me to adhere to. It is a constant struggle, and often more than not, I fail horribly. Any advice? PP
  13. primuspilus

    Anglicans and Oriental Christology

    So, I was reading <a href="http://www.anglicannews.org/news/2014/08/anglicans,-oriental-orthodox-churches-prepare-for-theological-breakthrough.aspx">this article</a> and I was wondering what you all think of it. Basically, the article was saying that Angicans and Oriental Orthodox were ready to...
  14. primuspilus


    For the first time, Im a grandfather!!!!!!!!!! PP
  15. primuspilus

    Holy Council and the WR

    During this supposed Great and Holy Council that is slotted to happen (which I think wont happen) one thing proposed is bringing more liturgical unity to the Church. How do you all think this will affect the WR, if at all? PP
  16. primuspilus


    Absolutely hilarious. Lookin forward to the new Thor movie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hS9ZUO_-pf4 PP
  17. primuspilus


    Anyone on here play Dungeons and Dragons? If so, are you playing the new 5th edition test packet? PP
  18. primuspilus

    PS4 or Xbox One

    So we've seen the 2 train wrecks that were the E3 presentations of the new systems....so which one will you purchase? As for me, Im a Sony guy so....... PP
  19. primuspilus

    My 5,000th post

    For my 5,000th post, I bring you a picture of me winning the SCWA Tag Team Championship in the early 2,000's. I did make it to ECW right before they sold to Vince. PP
  20. primuspilus

    Pope conducts a public exorcisim / Pope Francis - Performs Exorcism

    Yep..or so they say....what do yall think? http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4936655/pope-francis-caught-on-video-performing-strange-ritual-on-fan.html#ixzz2TwDcEjcS