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    Cyril--"saint" or despot?

    First of all let me state my intention in posting this is not to defame Cyril of Alexandria.  I'm actually trying to get some feedback for "apologetic" purposes.  I've been participating in a discussion on the bapstistboard.com about whether it's appropriate to call Mary "mother of God", and...
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    The Canon and the books that were left out

    I've been having more (seemingly futile) arguments over on the Baptist board about "sola Scriptura" and the like. One of the folks over there made the argument, in regards to extra-biblical tradition, to the effect that if teachings in the Protoevangelium of James (for instance)...
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    Icons: Archaeological Evidence

    Does anyone have a good reference work for the archaeological evidence of icon use by the early Christians? I've been debating some Baptists on the Baptistboard, trying to defend the veneration of icons against the charge of idolatry. The ones with whom I've been debating maintain that early...
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    Closed Canon: What's the point?

    I was lurking on the Baptistboard today, and an advocate of sola Scriptura asked an interesting question: "What's the point of even having a closed canon of Scripture if the writings of fathers, creeds, councils are equally authoritative? Or conversely: "Since the teachings/writings of the...
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    N.T. Wright

    I was curious as to how many here are familiar with N.T. Wright's works regarding the history of Jesus, the New testament, and early Christianity? In particular, how does (or can) his interpretation of Paul (justification, covenant, works of the Torah)--which is markedly different than a 16th...
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    "Reformed Catholicism"??

    I hope I'm not breaking any rules here, but there is really a site called "Reformed Catholicism" which seems like a misnomer to me.  However, the gist is that Reformers like Luther and Calvin were the true heirs of the Catholic faith (funny, i don't remember monergism being part of the ancient...
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    End times questions

    Apparently there is a new evangelical, end-times fiction frachise upon us brought to us by Hank Hannegraf, the "Bible Answer Man" himself. However, this presents a decidely different view than that of LaHaye--it supports partial preterism as opposed to pretribulationism. You can read about the...
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    Orthodox view on Justification

    Can anyone point me to a good resource dealing with the Orthodox view on justification, specifically dealing with the Reformers (mis)interpretation of Paul's writings?
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    Aquinas: Orthodox perspective

    Do any Orthodox theologians find anything good in the writings of Thomas Aquinas? I'm intrigued by him, but the only comments I've read from an Orthodox perspective seem to criticize him for his scholasticism.
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    I'm interested in reading Eusebius's Church History. Does anyone have a particular recommendation about which edition/translation I should get?
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    The Geneolgies of Christ

    A buddy and I were talking last night about apologetics regarding Christ being the heir of David. My friend mentioned that someone he was conversing with said Jesus couldn't be the Messiah since he wasn't the physical descendant of Joseph as the lineage allegedly could only pass through the...
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    Did Constantine "interfere" at Nicaea?

    I was reading the Baptistboard's "Other Religions" Forum this morning, and a Mormon was making the claim that Constantine interfered with the procedings to the point that the outcome was basically a "rubberstamp" of his decsion in favor of Athanasius. Basically it was politics and not truth...
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    Anybody watching "Banned from the Bible"?

    Interesting show. Some good information; some misinformation; and a lot of melodrama. They've discussed Enoch, Jubilees, the Protevangelium of James, amd several Gnostic writings.
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    The Ancient "Church of the East"

    I have been having a debate with a baptist on the internet regarding the pre-trib rapture myth (he supports it). In the course of the discussion, I brought up how the pre-trib rapture is nowhere to be found in the writings of the early Church. I then explained that even heretical views were...
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    The Orthodox Old Testament

    How many books are in the Orthodox OT? I know the Canon uses by the RCC has 73 books, with the 7 "Deuterocanonicals" being: 1&2 Maccabees, Sirach, Wisdom, Tobit, Judith, and Baruch. Doesn't the Orthodox OT also include 3 Maccabees and 1 Esdras? Are there any others?
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    Tradition and traditions

    Hello, again. I have been having a debate on the Baptistboard regarding the role that baptism has in salvation. Needless to say my current views on baptism haven't gone over too well over there. When making the point that the early church fathers were unanimous in stating that regeneration...
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    Questions about Orthodox "soteriology"

    I just had the pleasure of reading Clark Carlton's The Life: The Orthodox Doctrine of Salvation. (In fact I started it last night and finished it this morning :) ) Much of what I read was a breath of fresh air, and I also read much that I found myself already in agreement with. There were...
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    Prophecy and Tongues

    In reading debates between Protestants and "Catholics" (Roman and EO) regarding Scripture and Tradition, some Protestants claim that the Tradition Paul was referring to in 2 Thess 2:15 was nothing more than what became "inscripturated" in the 66 books of the Canon. Leaving aside some of the...
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    The "Deuterocanonicals"

    I just got a new THIRD MILLENIUM BIBLE from my wife for Christmas which contains the "Apocrypha". Like the KJV (1611), however, it sets those books apart in the middle between the OT and NT. I'm trying to come up with a Bible reading plan for the coming year and would be interested in...
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    Dogma, Canons, and Opinions

    As I continue to explore Orthodoxy, I turn again to the area of epistemology, specifically how does one know what is a required belief and what is just a pious opinion. I read with interest on the "Artificial Contraception" thread about various canons and whether or not they are still valid...