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    I am writing a paper for class on the Christology of the miaphysites

    I am writing a paper about 'the theology of the miaphysites and the monothelites.  I was hoping that you guys could give me some sources.  Here are the sources that I was already considering using. Christ in Christian Tradition volume 2, by Aloys Grillmeier Imperial Unity and Christian...
  2. J

    What is Oikonomia?

    Can anyone explain to me the concept of oikonomia?  I have seen it referenced when speaking about second marriages and about contraception and other things.  My current interpretation of it is that God loves you as you are so He calls you to the faith but He allows certain things with the...
  3. J

    Books about Syrian Orthodox

    Are there any good Syrian Orthodox books in English?  Also, is it possible to find any writings of any of the Syrian fathers like Philoxenus and St. James of Sarug in English?  I have the St. James book of homiles on Mary published by SVS press.  I have many of the hymns of St. Ephrem.