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    I became a great uncle

    On the next to last day of 2020, my niece and her boyfriend delivered their first child, J. Pray for J. and J. and (baby) J. Lord have mercy.
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    Metropolitan Hierotheos' thoughts on Elder Ephraim of Arizona

    His Eminence Metropolitan Hierotheos of Naupaktos offers his thoughts on Elder Ephraim including letters about the need to establish Orthodox monasticism in America. https://www.parembasis.gr/index.php/6032-2019-12-17d
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    For a friendship at risk....

    While engaged in a lengthy social media session with my friend E., I suggested that she walk away from work and to pretend it was only her and her husband without the private school tuition for 2 children.  She got very defensive and explained that she was happy working for 20 more years and I...
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    School gives honorary degree ... to a therapy dog

    Congrats to Dr. Moose!! https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/17/us/virginia-tech-therapy-dog-diploma-honorary-doctorate-trnd/index.html
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    For the (possible) end of a friendship

    Dear friends, I said some things that I shouldn't have said to a friend who's having a hard time dealing with the changes in routine necessitated by the coronavirus.  I'm afraid that the friendship is over.  Kindly pray for me to effectively deal with the loss. In Christ, SolEX01
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    Coronavirus and the beginning of the tribulation

    Just thinking out loud, kindly bear with me.  :) Since the coronavirus pandemic is affecting every country on Earth, I wonder if it's the first sign of the coming apocalypse.  If you look at the top 3 states affected: Washington is the home of Amazon (the mark of the beast in order to buy and...
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    Wedding in NY

    Dear friends, My nephew P. is marrying I. in early May.  Pray that their wedding isn't affected by coronavirus and that my family is able to travel to their wedding. In Christ, SolEX01
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    GOARCH to host Spanish Outreach conference next month....

    Only if the coronavirus doesn't derail this conference. https://www.goarch.org/-/spanish-outreach-conference-april-2020
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    What do you say to someone who hasn't attended church in a long time

    When I didn't attend church for a long time, I was pestered by a friend of mine who said various things, like: I had an issue with the priest. I didn't like church etc. I gave him various answers/excuses even though I didn't want to tell him the real reason for not attending church. Now, I...
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    His All Holiness to give Commencement Address at Notre Dame

    Plus, His All Holiness is receiving an honorary degree from Notre Dame (the link to Notre Dame's commencement announcement is provided in the link below). https://www.goarch.org/-/ecumenical-patriarch-bartholomew-to-give-commencement-address-at-notre-dame
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    Pray for a friend...

    Dear friends, Kindly pray for my friend E. who's very busy and under a lot of stress. In Christ, SolEX01
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    I made it to my church today...

    Dear friends, After 10 months, I was able to attend liturgy at my church for my friend's family memorial service.  I decided to escape the comfort of my bed and my home and experience the discomfort of attending church (by discomfort, I mean traveling into the city, meeting estranged relatives...
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    Archbishop Elpidophoros meets with Met. Tikhon (OCA)

    In the article, they set a date for feeding the hungry; discuss concelebrating a divine liturgy; and increase cooperation between the respective seminaries. https://www.goarch.org/-/archbishop-elpidophoros-and-metropolitan-tikhon-to-feed-those-in-need
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    Pray for Antonio Brown

    Former football player Antonio Brown was released on $110,000 bail after an incident with a moving company employee.  Lord have mercy on him. https://wtop.com/national/2020/01/nfl-player-antonio-brown-turns-himself-in-at-florida-jail/
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    19 NICU nurses in Nebraska give birth to 19 babies

    Must be something in the water for these nurses to give birth during 2019, lol. https://www.cnn.com/videos/health/2020/01/20/19-nurses-give-birth-to-19-babies-mxp-vpx.hln
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    I have a serious issue and need some direction

    Dear friends, I was the first among my church friends to get married (albeit at the courthouse) and had a child.  Since then, my marriage ended in divorce; my son lives an hour away from me; and a lot of my friends married and have children.  One friend is 44 and has a 12 year old and an 11...
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    My mother became a naturalized US citizen

    Dear Friends, Kindly pray for my mother A. who became a US citizen today. In Christ, SolEX01
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    The tourists nobody wants....

    I wonder if overtourism is a problem in your part of the world? https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/unwanted-tourist-types-overtourism/index.html
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    EP refuses to back down from critics

    Key quotes from His All Holiness: Basically, if you're not with us, you're against God. Source: https://www.goarch.org/-/ecumenical-patriarch-privileges-and-rights-of-the-church-of-constantinople
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    What happened over the weekend....

    The Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate decided to give their annual Athenagoras Human Rights Award to His Beatitude Metropolitan Epiphaniy, Patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU).  Here are some excerpts from His Beatitude's acceptance speech: