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  1. Orthodox_Slav

    Miracle working Ikon Prayer requests

    Greetings! I shall be visiting the Miracle-Working Ostrobramskaya Ikon tommorow so if you have any prayer requests that you would like me to pray for in front of the Ikon post them here.
  2. Orthodox_Slav

    Ritual Washing in Orthodoxy...?

    I found this Interesting Thing in the Morning Prayers of the Old Orthodox Prayer Book. It seems to mention a form of ritual washing of the face before prayer in the Old Believer tradition. does anyone on here now the history behind this practice or if this actually practiced.
  3. Orthodox_Slav

    Travelling Icons

    Post Pics of Your Travelling Icons Heres Mine:
  4. Orthodox_Slav

    About prayer when travelling

    when you are abroad and it is not possible to prayer your usual prayer rule how should i pray? Is there a prayer rule for when travelling or when abroad?
  5. Orthodox_Slav

    How to pray on this?

    How would you pray on this Orthodox Rosary? it seems to be exactly like a Catholic rosary But with a Orthodox cross and a icon were the medallion would be
  6. Orthodox_Slav

    Languages in Prayer.

    Could you please put what languages you pray in here. I pray mostly in Slavonic occasionally in English. and in the past i have tried praying in Latin,Greek,Ukrainian,Macedonian,Romanian,Finnish,Swedish
  7. Orthodox_Slav

    Types of music

    What types of music do you listen to? my list: Classical music some examples: The Best of Mozart The Best of Beethoven(BTW Beethoven is my favorite composer) The Best of Tchaikovsky Byzantine secular classical music some examples: Byzantine Secular Classical Music, Vol.1 Byzantine...
  8. Orthodox_Slav


    I know absolutely nothing about the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox church. could anyone tell me about its history, how it came about, facts about it, etc. etc. Thanks  :) God bless you all!
  9. Orthodox_Slav

    what Bible translation do Old Believers in USA use?

    As the title suggests I wish to know what Bible translation do Old Believers in USA use? for example in that Old Believer church in  Erie Pennsylvania
  10. Orthodox_Slav

    Orthodox Miracles in our everdaylife

    could you please post any miracles or similar that you have experienced  here i shall start: 1) once i was praying to the Most Holy Theotokos and i for a second a smelt a sweet smell similar to incense (might of been my imagination) 2) there is this video from MOUNT ATHOS of angels chanting...
  11. Orthodox_Slav

    The last judgment icon!

    I am thinking if getting this icon and i would really appreciate any info about what is depicted within this Icon!  :)
  12. Orthodox_Slav

    Armenian icon corners

    I was originally going to ask this question on the Armenian icons topic but decided to just create a separate topic Please. Post pictures of Armenian icons corners  :laugh:
  13. Orthodox_Slav

    Armenian Icons

    As the title suggests can you please post pictures of Armenian icons here. i will start:
  14. Orthodox_Slav

    Any Armenian Orthodox?

    Are there any members of this forum who are members of the Armenian Apostolic Church OR (Eastern) Orthodox Church in Armenia?
  15. Orthodox_Slav

    prayers to Saint Nicholas the wonder worker

    a bit of a weird prayer request but since there are people in today's society who identify with Arian teachings i want to start this prayer thread to saint Nicholas the wonder worker (as he is well known for punching  Arius)
  16. Orthodox_Slav

    how to pray the Lestovka

    this is how to pray the Lestovka i have found the info on the Russian internet and want to share it with you. first three and last three steps: Alleluia Alleluia glory to thee God x3 (prostration) the empty space after the first three and last three steps: Lord have mercy! (bow) the steps...
  17. Orthodox_Slav

    Do you have to be baptized to be saved?

    this question has been on my mind for a while now. do you have to be baptized into the Orthodox church to be saved and to enter into heaven after you die?
  18. Orthodox_Slav

    Greek vs slavic knotted vs beaded

    So I know this is a weird topic but it has recently come to my attention that slavic orthodox churches tend to use  beaded chotkis while the Greek Church tends to use knotted chotkis why Is this!
  19. Orthodox_Slav

    What icon is this?

    I bought this icon of the Theotokos  at the Lithuanian market The seller said it was from Siberia and the writing on the bottom says wonder working icon but the actual name of it is broken off. So Could any one please identify the icon   :)
  20. Orthodox_Slav

    Should they start a Lithuanian Orthodox Church?

    there is a Orthodox church for almost everyone (Russian Orthodox church,Polish Orthodox church, Romanian Orthodox church,church of Constantinople, Serbian Orthodox church, Bulgarian Orthodox church etc etc) but there is no Lithuanian Orthodox church! so what do you think should there be a LOC.