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    SDMPNS's Concerns about Metropolitan Jonah

    Wow, why the swipe at Met Jonah? On the one hand you say he is the future of Orthodoxy then you say some Bishop Mark has shown himself to be holy and Met Jonah gives you concerns. What in his life gives you concern and makes you feel the need to say it here?
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    Question for Seminarians?

    Do you have a chance in seminary to “specialize” in a subject or is the subjects the same in for all students? Like in normal grad school you can do your thesis in particular areas of your choice. Could a thesis be done on say the Desert Fathers or Syriac Fathers? Thanks! Sorry if this makes...
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    Hi! I have not posted in awhile (a few years) but have read the boards fairly often. I was wondering if anyone has used these two books for prayer and what they think of them? Thanks! Innocent The Psalter According to the Seventy: By Holy Transfiguration Monastery Spiritual Psalter: By St...
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    Protopresbyter Elias Wen Turns 107

    This is a nice story. He should write a book on his life. I bet it would contain some awesome history and theology. Fr. Elias Wen
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    Personnel Prayers!

    When you say your prayers what prayer do you use to name the people you are praying for? I'm not talking about the prayers for the departed. What I'm looking for is some good prayers people say for the living (moms, dads, wives, etc.) they are praying for. Thanks!
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    St. Theresa of Lisieux Movie?

    Since there seems to be lots of arguing between Orthodox and Catholics I thought this topic would be good. I movie was made about the life of St. Theresa of Lisieux, but is not being shown in movie theaters. This is because Hollywood and theater owners are not sure if people will show up to see...
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    Hello, I've been following the board for some time but this is my first post. I just want to say hello to everyone and also this is a great board. I've enjoyed reading many of the posts. I converted to Orthodoxy 5-years ago from RC. I live in upstate NY (for now) where I went to college...