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  1. Musicnerd88

    For my husband and for peace of mind.

    My husband is an Advanced EMT and is often away for work.  This leaves me home alone with our five-month-old for days at a time on a very frequent basis.  This pandemic has had my anxiety spiking out of control.  Please pray for my husband's safety and my peace of mind.  Lord have mercy.
  2. Musicnerd88

    For me and my baby.

    My husband and I are expecting our first child in the new year.  Please pray that everything goes well.
  3. Musicnerd88

    For my Father

    My Dad, Brian, was diagnose with prostate cancer about a month ago.  He's having surgery to remove it tomorrow morning.  Please say a prayer for him.  Holy Unmercenaries pray to God for us.
  4. Musicnerd88

    For my job

    The hotel I work at has just been sold to new owners as of this afternoon.  They're not planning on firing anyone, but the new policies going into play are not good.
  5. Musicnerd88

    My husband, my brother-in-law. and my home.

    We took my brother-in-law in to stay with us six months ago as he was in a hard spot.  Due to several incidents that have occurred over the last month, we are now having to ask him to find a new place to live.  My husband intends to speak with him about it this morning while I'm at work, he...
  6. Musicnerd88

    For the victims of the shooting at Santa Fe High School

    There's been a shooting in Santa Fe, TX at the high school.  Not much information has been released yet, but there have been injuries confirmed.  The shooter has been arrested.  Please pray for the safety of all involved, and for the recovery of the victims.  Lord have mercy.
  7. Musicnerd88

    For Fr. Methodios

    My parish priest who is on a mission trip to Kenya.  Lord have mercy.
  8. Musicnerd88

    For Jacob

    He's a friend of mine from my university days.  He's just been diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  Lord have mercy!
  9. Musicnerd88

    For the victims of the package bombings in Austin, TX

    There have been three related incidents in the last ten days, two of which have been fatal.  Lord have mercy.
  10. Musicnerd88

    For healing, and work.

    I have a medical issue that's been going on for over a year.  I have a new medicine which seems to be working.  Please pray that it continues to work. Also, we are renovating at my job and it is going poorly so far.  Please pray that things will improve. Thank you all.  Lord have mercy.
  11. Musicnerd88

    For Spencer and his family

    They are in difficult times.  Lord have mercy.
  12. Musicnerd88

    For my Maternal Grandfather...

    Richard who departed this life yesterday morning.  May his memory be eternal!
  13. Musicnerd88

    Please Pray for my Sister-In-Law

    That she will return to the Orthodox Faith.  Her baptismal name is Genevieve. 
  14. Musicnerd88

    For my job

    Would you please say a prayer for me?  I asked for a promotion at work a few minutes ago.  My boss and I will be discussing it on Monday. 
  15. Musicnerd88

    For the repose of George

    My husband's Godmother's cousin, George, reposed in the Lord on Monday this week.
  16. Musicnerd88

    My health

    Please say a prayer for me.  I am experiencing some health issues that are not healing as quickly as expected.
  17. Musicnerd88

    For my coworker

    My coworker, Olivia, has had to leave work this morning.  Her mother is in the hospital, and has just gone into surgery.