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  1. Antonis

    Uncut Mountain Supply

    Does anyone know if there is something going on with Uncut Mountain Supply? I emailed them twice with questions several weeks ago with no response, ordered an icon last week, and it is still being “processed” with no email sent to me or anything. I was already hesistant to support them because...
  2. Antonis

    Vatican declines to rule on German dispute over Communion

  3. Antonis

    Enthronement of first abbess in Fiji

    https://byztex.blogspot.com/2018/02/enthronement-of-first-abbess-in-fiji.html Axia!
  4. Antonis

    Orthodox Bishops of Germany Write Letter Concerning Love, Sexuality, Marriage

    Available in a PDF of it's own here: http://www.obkd.de/Texte/Brief%20OBKD%20an%20die%20Jugend-en.pdf
  5. Antonis

    MOVED: Papal Supremacy in pre-schism time?

    This topic has been moved to Orthodox-Other Christian Private Discussions. http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php/topic,73218.0.html
  6. Antonis

    Stop calling bishops ‘spineless nerds, sycophantic half-wits’ Irish priests told

  7. Antonis

    Elder Iakovos Tsalikes Has Been Officially Numbered Among the Saints

  8. Antonis


  9. Antonis

    ‘Volcano of Homosexuality’: Copts Organize Conference to Treat Gay People

  10. Antonis

    Holy Community Cancels Tsipras/EP Trip to Mt Athos

    A Google translation, cleaned up by myself: https://agioritikesmnimes.blogspot.gr/2017/09/9638.html
  11. Antonis

    Syrian Christians Pursued by Muslim Extremism as Refugees

  12. Antonis

    Great and Holy Council to Take Place in Crete in June

    According to amen.gr. http://www.amen.gr/article/stin-kriti-ton-iounio-i-syglisi-tis-agias-kai-megalis-synodou-tis-orthodoksou-ekklisias [Google translate with some cleaning up done by me.] See here for entire article run through google translate...
  13. Antonis

    Patriarch Kirill has proposed a Pan-Orthodox Council on Mount Athos

    http://en.cyplive.com/ru/news/patriarh-kirill-predlozhil-provesti-vsepravoslavnyy-sobor-na-afone.html This doesn't seem to be the most immediately trustworthy source, so I await further verification. Romfea has some information in Greek on what Patriarch Kirill said--as to the issue of...
  14. Antonis

    Lutherans receive Communion at Vatican after meeting with Pope

  15. Antonis

    Chanter's Engolpion

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a chanter's engolpion in either Greek or English/Greek? It would be much appreciated, thank you!
  16. Antonis

    Patriarch Bartholomew "Rebukes" Moscow

    One would think an Ecumenical Patriarch would have a more sound ecclesiology than this. Remind me how the "first throne" got its rank? http://www.catholicculture.org/news/headlines/index.cfm?storyid=26037
  17. Antonis

    "Fraternal Conversation" Between Patriarch Kirill and Pope Theodoros

    http://www.pravmir.com/fraternal-conversation-between-patriarch-kirill-and-the-primate-of-the-orthodox-church-of-alexandria/ I recommend reading the whole article.
  18. Antonis

    Friendship Among the Saints

    Hey all, Do you know of saints that were very close friends/siblings? I am thinking along the lines of Sergius and Bacchus, Boris and Gleb, Cyrus and John, Cosmas and Damian, etc. Any that you can think of would be much appreciated, as would articles or other writings about the topic of...
  19. Antonis

    Latin Ditched for Italian at Family Synod

    http://www.catholicherald.co.uk/news/2014/10/06/family-synod-pope-decrees-discussions-to-take-place-in-italian-instead-of-latin/ Yikes.
  20. Antonis

    Byzantine Rite deacon wearing orarion as fascia?

    Drawn from here: http://www.newliturgicalmovement.org/2014/10/a-new-book-on-cardinal-dante-with-great.html#.VDDcz_ldVS0 In two pictures here, there is a Byzantine Rite deacon who appears to be wearing a sticharion with an orarion tied as a fascia, which makes no sense on any level whatsoever...