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    Corona Virus Vaccine Poll

    Hi, I've asked a simillar question - and to my surprise the question now is pending a moderation... Here's the story: I can get a jab next week - but don't know what to do... Some of our priests keep saying "go, get vaccinated" - but fathers in local monasteries are strongly against it. I've...
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    Is it a sin to get vaccinated? (ethical issues concerning aborted fetuses)

    Hi - I know this subject was discussed before, but this question really bugs me... Can we be eternally damned by accepting a covid vaccine? If we do feel there's something dodgy about the C-19 plandemic, that big pharma is plotting against us and accepting the vactine is like being marked with...
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    What is the core difference in understanding the idea of Icon between the Orthodox and Catholics?

    This is a question I always wanted to ask - if you could list a few important differences in how the Orthodox and Catholics perceive icons.... - what would it be? - if an Orthodox monk or priest expresses an oppinion that "The Catholics should not be paining icons - because they don't...
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    I am on the brink of losing it please pray for me.

    Lord, have mercy...
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    I'm in a very difficult situation

    Lord, have mercy!
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    Schlock Icons

    When someone asks me why the Orthodox need Bishop's blessing for painting icons - I can always show them Fiodorowicz's daubings...
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    Catholic Moderism chasing me away

    In my case, the road to Orthodoxy led through reading St. Paisios books and buying an Orthodox prayer book. Just listening to, wahtching the prayers, Evening Vigils, Divine Liturgies and more - it will turn your "spiritual sensivity" in the right direction. And remember, how lucky you are -...
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    For fr. Antonios (covid with earlier lung problems)

    Lord, have mercy...
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    Catholic Moderism chasing me away

    Wel... Harmful "modernity" caused that I am a member of the Orthodox Church now. And It was the best decision in my life and I do regret that so late. Anyway, do not focus on language issues - the prayers and Liturgies are in their core - unchanged. Once you start, it will take you a year or two...
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    psychiatric treatment and medication

    No, no, don't get me wrong :) My health issues weren't so bad - the doc said I got high blood pressure - and asked if it is stress-related. And just like that told me about the pills - and It got me thinking, is it ethical, is it in compliance with Orthodox teaching?
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    psychiatric treatment and medication

    There is a lot of talk about vaccines - but I would like to ask what is the position of the Orthodox Church towards modern days psychiatric treatment? I remember that once during a routine medical check-up I complained to my doctor about work stress-related issues. He suggested taking SSRI...
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    For the health of my grandma Marisa

    Lord, have mercy...
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    My uncle had a heart attack

    Lord, have mercy...
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    Please pray for Bonnie who is elderly and has Covid

    Lord, have mercy...
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    My Auntie Bev passed. Please pray for her.

    Memory Eternal...
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    Anastasios is dead

    Memory Eternal...
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    A sensitive topic for new converts...

    ok, consciousness - but what if the evil one puts that thought in our head to discourage us from the Chalice? And ultimately - it is us who need to decide bravely whether to go or not. But what if we failed and made the wrong decision? Will we be automatically damned and sickness and...
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    Stergios has cancer

    Lord, have mercy!
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    For John's very serious health problem!!!

    Lord, have mercy!