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    A kind elderly lady

    Please play for the servant of God Natalie, who is spending her last moments in a hospice right now. She is a kind and loving person, with a great heart. Thank you!
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    Time it takes for a change

    Granted, it is pretty obvious that people change at very different rates throughout life, all a matter of their own cooperation with God's will and their individual strength. We have people like Apostle Paul, who made a very radical change in a very short amount of time thanks to a sudden act...
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    Prayers to help with prayer

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, On the advice of my spiritual father, I am starting a fourty day practice of the Jesus prayer in order to help me understand God's will concerning a problem in my life (one that the Lord will hopefully relieve me of). I am a weak person, I have a hard time...
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    Miracles and faith

    There are two basic factors in miracles (when we petition the Lord for help), that is: 1) That miracles are dependent on the Will of God. The Lord will not grant all petitioning for a miracle since not all miracles serve His purpose. and... 2) That miracles must be petitioned for with faith...
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    Evangelistic Atheism

    I think this is a must read, especially for people who are out there doing missionary work. This is excellent red-hot proof that Atheism is a religion, and what means and strategies are used to bring people away from faith: http://ffrf.org/fttoday/back/evangel.php Evangelistic Atheism...
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    Fasting for someone's benefit

    Greetings to all, I've heard of a tradition of a special fast that some people undertake in benefit of someone else. I've read of monastics doing this in the Orthodox Church. I've also heard of this practice in Roman Catholicism, the E5 men and women. Is it permissible for an Orthodox...
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    An Orthodox answer to a clinical psych on addiction

    Hello all... This question has been bugging me for a long time. What would be an Orthodox response and analysis of the following clinical psych question/answer below? http://www.selfhelpmagazine.com/qa/qahealth/qaheal54.html Question Does recovery from drug or alcohol problems require a...
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    Is it a sin to flip a coin?

    I just came across a situation where I simply had no idea what to do. I couldn't be clear enough on the decision no matter what I did. I used to use what was called the "prayer test", where I'd pray and then I'd see what my heart would say. But this time I was really just stumped. I know it is...
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    Money for helping the church

    Hello all, it's been a while. I've been helping my parish over the past year by setting up and running their website. I just recently overheard that in gratitude for my work they wanted to give me a financial reward. I don't feel comfortable accepting money because I want the time and energy...
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    A prayer for Dave Gilmour?

    Well, maybe this is just ridiculous and forgive me if it is, as this prayer request isn't nearly as important as for the many Orthodox out there, but I figured why shouldn't I give it a go? David Gilmour, the lead guitarist of Pink Floyd, said in his latest interview something to the extent of...
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    Prayers for a re-conversion

    Dear friends, I see how responsive our community is to prayer here and I wanted to enter my own bidding on behalf of a person who was raised Orthodox but then fell away from the church. Please pray for the servant of God Helena, that she may return to a life in the church and a life in the...
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    Breakfast during lent

    I think breakfast has to be the most difficult meal during lent. I'm used to so much dairy, cereal with milk, toast with butter or cheese, those are kind of the main stomach fillers for me. I really am not a fan of soy milk, and peanut butter and jelly gets a bit sickening after the first...
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    Orthodox songs and music, non liturgical

    I figured it would be interesting to take a survey of Orthodox music that is non-liturgical, that is not used during church but is Orthodox in nature. For Russian music there are some interesting artists, such as Fr. Roman, at http://pesni.voskres.ru/music/roman.htm - that same site has a...
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    Fighting off Sloth

    Hello everyone, A very frequent spiritual ailment is sloth. It's sort of a catch 22 situation when you suffer from laziness/procrastination: on one end you have to struggle in order to fix your problem, on the other the very nature of sloth is in not being able to consistently do something...
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    God, prayer, and our free will

    Hello everyone, Sorry for starting off with such a deep theological question but hey, it's an Orthodox forum, right?  :) I've been an Orthodox Christian from cradlehood, but as usual you only start thinking carefully about your faith when you get older. We know the Lord's power...