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  1. IoanC

    What is going on?

    I am having trouble understanding certain things going on recently. And nobody is willing to answer. Any thoughts? On this.
  2. IoanC

    Patient: The West. Diagnosis: Metastatic Cancer

    From Fr. Ioan Valentin Istrati. Selection and translation by Ioan Calineac. Along with the infestation of the most distinguished values of humanity: family, faith, education, nation, language, with sinful anomalies, the fundamental sap of the human nation will be lost: The Blood of Christ that...
  3. IoanC


    Article by theologian Radu Preda. Translation by Ioan Calineac. [April 29, 2014] The conflict in Ukraine, the uncertainty in Transnistria, the double church jurisdiction in Moldova - all these situations have no way but to interrogate the historical conscience of the theology of the...
  4. IoanC

    What Is Your Spiritual Power?

    http://bitecharge.com/play/power/h5 I got Faith.
  5. IoanC

    A Thank You List

    Someone recently told me that they were afraid to die without confession.While I don't have that fear in particular, I realize that I am very particular about not leaving anybody unthanked. So, I will go ahead and thank: 1. The Most Holy Trinity whose love and holiness can never be expressed...
  6. IoanC

    Theological Intellectualism, Criticism, Institutionalization, Pietism,Zealotism

    I wish to share the experience of Elder Sofian Boghiu from his work for the Orthodox Christian association of students in Romania. I am not sure if this fits here or in the Faith section, especially because such posts which are written in the spirit of service and seriousness seem to generate...
  7. IoanC

    Fighting The Spirit of Sadness

    I am posting this because sadness and depression are huge illnesses of our times and even on this forum many struggle with it. I am hoping to offer a simple spiritual cure through the words of Elder Arsenie Papacioc of Romania: "How Should We Fight Against The Spirit of Sadness? Be joyous. My...
  8. IoanC

    E-mail Notifications Come Late

    In the last few weeks, e-mail notifications started coming hours after the reply was made, unlike before when they were instant. I am not sure if I made any modifications to my preferences, but to the best of my ability they are set correctly.
  9. IoanC

    Living The Gospel vs. Churchism

    What do I mean by "living The Gospel"? I mean a normal, healthy life in peace and harmony with the world. I mean life, as in joy and openness to the others, and pursuing good things and values, such as truth, growth, naturalness, beauty, having a family, being a good presence in society, etc...
  10. IoanC

    Two Things I Would Like Orthodoxy to Improve

    1. It needs to remember that it's true purpose is to truly repent and live The Gospel, not "repent others" and bring them "to The Church". We need to realize again what a normal way of life is, and understand that an unhealthy (insane even) "Church life" will ruin ourselves and the world...
  11. IoanC

    Religion, Spirituality and Morality

    The following is a series of two posts from my blog that hopefully will go well together and be of help: Spirituality "vs." Morality As I have had a post before in regards to Orthodoxy being seen as a return to a morality in our days, this being a false approach, I would like to add a little...
  12. IoanC

    What does "a third" mean in Revelation 12:4?

    "His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth." (NKJV) Perhaps, if anyone knows what a third was in the language of the time. Or is it literal? Or both?  :)