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    God is with us, I was wondering as to the best way of going on a long pilgrimage. God willing, I am planning to go to Egypt on the 1 April 2008 to visit monastery of the Church of Sinai – St. Katherine, and then onto the Holy Land. Then, I would cross to Cyprus and onto other Greek Lands with...
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    Archbishop Jovan released from the prison!

    It is true. Suffering Archbishop has been release from the prison. Many years. Thank you God.
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    Divine essence and energies

    I am involved in a discussion regarding Impassibility of God and relation of Divine Essence and Energies. Does anyone know what is the Scriptural basis for Orthodox view regarding Divine Essence and Enrgies and difference between them? That is, what is the source for our view regarding these...
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    COMECE President calls for the immediate release of Archbishop Jovan in Macedoni

    Press release — 22 August 2005 Bishop Josef Homeyer, President of the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community (COMECE), today sent a letter to the British Prime Minister Tony Blair, President-in-Office of the European Council, to the High Representative for the Common...
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    +John, Archbishop in Jail

    Macedonian government has jailed Archbishop John of Ohrid and Skopje. The Court of Appeal in Bitola has Confirmed the Punishment to Eighteen Months of Imprisonment to His Beatitude the Archbishop of Ohrid and the Metropolitan of Skopje kyr kyr John After long postponings, on 22nd of June...
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    WOW Factor

    Wow factor is what I call the level of surprise experienced during reading Orthodox Books (especially the New Testament) when things "pop out" seemingly from no-where. It can be described, also, by finding verses "where they were not present before" or having read explanation by one or more of...
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    Small question

    I have heard a handy statement that goes: We do not know where Church is not, only where it is. Does anyone know where does this come from? Thanks.
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    Forgiveness of sins

    My mind has been occupied for some time by the actual process of forgiveness of sins. I come from an arch-legal background in forgiveness of sins as taught by the 7th Day Adventist Heresy which basically teaches that we are alone guilty for the fact that Lord has not come as we do not keep...
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    The way into Kingdom!

    An excellent article. http://www.orthodoxinfo.com/general/kingdomofheaven.aspx
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    Atonement, again!

    I am really sorry, I am really confused. I am trying to understand the atonement. It is about Hebrews IX. It is said that Christ is with His blood atone for our sins. Now the word EXPIATION is used as a translation of Greek ILASTEERION. The note is made that EXPIATION is NOT the same as...
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    Destination after

    I read somewhere that the destination of souls upon separation from body (after physical death) is not the same in the Old and New Testament, namely after Death and Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour. Does anyone know about some good articles regarding this theme. I come from 7th Day...
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    To all brethren, baptised and cathecumens of the Serbian Orthodox Church, happy Vidovdan. To all celebrating families, happy Slava. Тропар...
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    The honour of the Church

    I am sorry if what I will write is a common knowledge/or a complete heresy for you long term Orthodox people. I am these days reading New Testament first time with a Heavy Cavalry Support that Orthodox Patristic is. I wish to share some of my brain storming of late, and also to hear your...
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    Watchtower subliminal art

    http://members.cox.net/hunyadi/wtbts_005.htm Some of it is scary stuff!
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    Saint of our Time - The Untold Story

    Archbishop Anastasios of Albania. When he came to the head of Orthodox Church in Albania, the Orthodoxy in this country was all but extint. In 50 years of Communist rule in Albania 1600 Churches and Monasteries have been destroyed ot turned in brothels, stores or storage houses.. When he...
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    Saint SAVA, patron Saint of Serbia and First Archbishop of Serbian Church

    Who is knocking so deeply In the depth of a peaceful night, At the closed gates of a Monastery, Athonite? “Evening has long passed; nothing is, but a mute night Old Fathers, Monks, open the heavy doors. My soul needs light And legs need rest, My body is weary tonight. But my will is not...
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    I have to admit

    In all my attandances" to thinking in regard to primacy of the see of Rome I have always tried and managed to understand it in a view that Bishop of Rome is "just another Bishop" who because of the fact that Rome was the capital od the empire had the status that it had. I have talked about this...
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    Dealing with yourself

    I have had a marry time with God, most of my (Christian) life (that is 4 years of Sabbatarinism and 2 years of Orthodoxy). I mean I had ups and downs but, my ups have lasted much more than my downs. (or maybe it is convenient way for me to lie to myself). Anyway, as of late, I have been dealing...
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    I am new here

    Hi, just to say hello. I am new here. Many years. in ICXC stefan+
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    How does the Orthodox Atonement works? I have been listening Ep. +Ware on the Ancient Faith Radio and he got me so confused. Can someone explain how does Atonement work? in ICXC stefan+