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Are Protestants Christians?

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Oct 10, 2007
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BrotherAidan said:
Is Pathodsolitude and GOCTheophan the same poster on different computer addresses; or are they tag-teaming?

GOCTheophan is in a traditionalist jurisdiction of canonical orthodoxy. I already admitted that I am contently uncanonically orthodox because, where I live, it is absolutely impossible to obey the canons as there are no legitimate bishops around. So I pass over the liberal "canonical" Greek parish in town and instead travel to an "uncanonical" parish that has the true Faith. In the view of GOCTheophan it looks like I am damned. I dont know. But I, at least, highly respect Theophan as a genuine Christian. This board could use more of those.

BrotherAidan, your remark is way out of line. Theophan and I are probably not even in the same country. I'm sure the moderators have the means to see that we are not the same people. Please dont suggest that about me, pathofsolitude and pathofsolitude alone, ever again. Thank you.
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