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Armenian Church In Malatya, Turkey - First Religious Service In 106 Years


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Sep 28, 2009
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The service took place on August 28, 2021. Wonderful news for all Christians.
Closed since 1915, the Church was opened to worship on August 28...Armenians from across the country also attended the opening ceremony.

The construction of the Sourp Yerrortutyun (Holy Trinity) Armenian Church began in 1878 with the participation of a Greek architect and Armenian stonemasons....
In 1893, the construction of the church was completed. The dome of the church was destroyed in the earthquake of 1893. The building was repaired between 1905-1907. After 1915, the church building was used as barracks and a prison...The dome of the church burned in the fire of 1969. The church was in ruins. In 2010, the restoration of the building was planned by the order of the Governor of Malatya, Mr. Ulvi Saran. Construction work began in 2012. Work on the project was stopped due to technical problems and lack of funding.
This article includes some additional info about the ongoing difficulty of restoring Armenian churches in Turkey.