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ECFA possible model for Orthodox finances


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Mar 4, 2004
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The ECFA - Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability was founded to give donors assurance that their funds were being spent wisely: not too much overhead going to executives, office staff and fundraising appeals, rather most money getting out "into the field"; no "bait and switching" in fundraising appeals, etc.

see this link: http://ecfa.org
click on the tab "About ECFA" -- of particular interest are: "Donors Bill of Rights" and "Seven Standards" (although Orthodox already have the first standard, a statment of faith, in the Creed!)

In light of what is going on in the OCA, if all the jurisdictions could band together to create their own organization such as this it would create greater confidence in Orthodox lay people. Because if it is going on in the OCA, you know it is going on or has gone on in all the other bodies too (the hierarchs are mostly all old-world, old-school guys) - not to the same degree maybe, but to some degree.

Who knows, a body requiring financial accountability and restraint might just induce the necessary discipline and unity to be the catalyst for one Orthodox Church in N. America.

We keep looking for it to come from SCOBA, but maybe it will come about through some unexpected means. An organized body such as this could unify the hierarchs and require a measure of discipline among them to such a degree as to make jurisdictional unity more plausible.