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Exercises for Relieving Back Pain


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Oct 23, 2004
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I believe you said earlier that you were experiencing backpain.  A lot of back pain is caused due to a weak abdomen; give these simple core strengthening exercises a try.  Takes about 20 minutes a day, and after a few weeks you may be experiencing less (to no) back pain.  If it doesn't work, hey you gave it a try.  I do these exercises myself everyday.

1. "Farmer" Burns Stomach Flattener- Stand with arms at sides relaxed. Inhale through nose without letting stomach expand (just gently tense to avoid this). Now force air down & outward WITHOUT letting it out for 5 seconds (in other words, flex your stomach as if you are about to be punched).  Exhale and repeat for 20 reps

2. Vacuums- Bend forward expelling ALL air out of lungs. Now without inhaling stand up pulling diaphagn/stomach under rib cage hold for 8 seconds. When you release let air draw in through nose. Do this for 10 reps

3. Tai Chi Waist Turner- stand with arms hanging loosely at sides rotate torso letting arms bend at elbows until they slap kidney area. This is done for 100 reps.

4. Back arch with forward bend & squeeze- With hands on hips inhale as you arch back as far as you can. Then exhale as you bend forward squeezing abs. 20 reps

5. Dynamic side bend w/isometric squeeze- Hold one arm overhead inhale as you bend as far to one side as you can, then move in & out just one half inch for 50 reps finishing with a 8 second squeeze of sides. Repeat on opposite side. {note: once doing movement you are breathing}

6. Hands overhead side bend- Lace fingers palms up overhead inhale bend to one side flex as hard as you can while holding 8 seconds. Do this 7 times then switch sides.

7. Trunk rotators- With hands on hips inhale hold breath as you circle around then exhale each time you reach start point. This is done for 10 then repeat in other direction.