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General Warning on the Purpose of the Christian News Board

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Mar 8, 2006
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It seems that lately the moderators have had to clean up a number of debates on the Christian News board. Per the rule I quote below, this is going to stop. The Christian News board is to be used only for the posting of news stories and discussion of those stories. This board is NOT to be used for debate or polemics. Anyone caught violating this rule for the next few weeks will receive a formal warning for violating the general purpose of the Christian News board.

- PeterTheAleut

From the Rules Page:
General Guidelines for the Various Boards

The following are general guidelines that are followed when moderating in the various boards.  If you have a question about application, you should ask that section's moderator, the global mod in charge of that section, or Fr. George.

When used in this section:
Discussion: Fairly simple.  Talking about something.
Debate: Discussion including contesting the meaning or application of an argument, story, etc.
Light Polemics: Debate with pejorative language used toward an opposing POV, system of belief, or corporate entity.  No profanity or vulgarity.
Full Polemics: Light Polemics with pejorative language used toward opposing users or other individuals.  Strong language allowed to a point, as established by precedent and guidelines already published.

The Boards / Areas of the Forum
General Forums (i.e. Christian News, Board News, etc.): Discussion, no debates or polemics.  These are information-only sections, with relevant discussion of topics permitted.


Jun 24, 2009
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Due to recent events on this particular Forum, I would like to make some clarifications regarding moderatorial policy here.

1) I enforce the Forum rules as they have been given to me, and I do not have the right to break or re-write them.

2) I do not want to shut down debates, but I will lock threads and issue informal warnings when discussions gradually deteriorate.  I am aware that some posters are often unequivocally blunt in their posts, though they technically are not violating rules (i.e. ad hominems, polemics, etc.).  My goal is to allow for differences in style that do not cross the line.

3) Threads that gradually deteriorate will likely be locked and then moved to a more appropriate forum where locker-room jock-ularity or Debate Team Try-out discussions are permitted.

4) Obviously insulting, demeaning, and polemical posts will receive immediate formal warnings.

5) This is an Orthodox Christian community, and we would all do well to reflect on our words here and consider the Last Judgment.  If we desire mercy from God, we should show it to one another.  If a poster 'does what he/she does best' and posts something antagonistic, perhaps we could all consider a more Christian way to respond to it.

6) Formal warnings issued here are not done lightly.  In fact, most actions are discussed by the larger group of moderators before action is taken.

7) If you have a question, please feel free to PM me before you post.  That can save us a lot of grief.

8) I thank you all for your cooperation, and ask for your forgiveness for my failings as a moderator.

-Father Giryus
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