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How to Report Technical Problems with the Forum

Tech Support

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Mar 6, 2019
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If at any time you notice anything that looks to you like a bug, glitch or malfunction with the forum, please follow these instructions to send what we call a “Bug Report.”

1. Send a report of the problem to me.  Any PM you send me will be read by the entire technical support team.
2. Please include in your PM as much information as you can about the device you are accessing the forum from.  Specifically, the device type/operating system (for example, if you are accessing the forum from an iPad, or a PC running Windows 10, or Windows 7, or another operating system like Linux, or a Mac, or an Android phone), the specific version (for example, if you are using an iPad, are you using an iPad Mini or an iPad Pro, what version it is (iPad Pro 2, iPad Mini 4)  and what version of iOS are you running), and also the web browser you are running (for example, if you are on Windows, you might be using Microsoft Edge, or Explorer, or a third party browser like Firefox, Chrome or Opera).

All of this information is directly and immediately relevant, so please be as thorough as you can (if you don’t know the answers to any of the questions listed above, or don’t have the time to look it up, that’s fine, and we understand completely).

If you have a problem getting the website to load on one device, like, say, a Mac laptop running the built in Safari browser, but it is working fine on Windows using Firefox, this kind of information is extremely helpful to us.

3. If you need help using the forum, but are not reporting a bug, please post a thread here in Technical Help.  You can also PM us with a link to the thread, or the name of the thread, and we will try to respond as soon as we can.

4. Just like the Report to Moderator function on the boards, the Technical Support team does not respond to most “bug report” PMs, in fact, we will only respond to your PM if we have any specific followup questions for you.  However, your reports are extremely important in order to ensure the smooth operation of the forum, especially since we are preparing for major upgrades to our infrastructure and web forum platform.

5. Please do not, under any circumstances, send me reports or requests related to forum moderation, for example, requests to change your username, requests to access the private forum, complaints about moderation, or complaints about specific users.  The technical support team consists primarily of IT professionals such as network engineers and programmers, and does not include any moderators or administrators, so we can’t help you with these requests.  Likewise, please do not send bug reports to any of the forum moderators or administrators, as they are extremely busy running the forum, and are not IT professionals, but are instead specifically qualified for their job.  Also, please do not send bug reports to any individual members of the Tech Support team.  Send bug reports to me only; I am a shared account used by the Tech Support team for the express purpose of receiving bug reports, providing status updates, and answering technical questions from end users.