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Istanbul's growing a tumor...


Feb 28, 2008
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Obviously just figuratively. It appears that the Turks have built a very large (145 acre) park jutting out from the south side of the peninsula into the Bosphorus. This area, from the old shore to about 1/3 mile inland (now a train station sits there) was the original port of Constantinople.


Before they update the regular map, here is what it used to look like:


The waterline for the old Byzantine port roughly followed the road marked "Kucuk Langa" and then dipped back down to where the current shore is along the rest of the peninsula.

The least they could have done was make it look more natural. It looks so much worse than the man-made peninsulas/islands in Dubai. From GoogleEarth (a more updated image) it has hundreds of trees planted with a lot of walking paths and some very large concrete areas (probably for concerts?).

Having been to Istanbul I can appreciate the lack of green space and the need for more. But why they built it to look like that just confounds me.