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Microphone for live-streaming

Pater Cyprianus

Deacon Cyprian
Jul 18, 2020
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United Kingdom
Orthodox Christian
Orthodox Church of the Gauls

I'm looking for a microphone that can connect remotely (via Bluetooth perhaps) to my mobile phone during live streaming.

Specifically, the situation is this. Back in March, when various groups of people were being instructed to isolate themselves, we made the decision at church to start live-streaming our services on the church Facebook page, for the benefit of those who were unable to attend in person.

We managed to do this for one service only before the country went into lockdown and public worship was no longer permitted. I retrieved some icons, icon-stands, a censer, and a few other items from church, and set up a makeshift chapel at home, from where I have been continuing to live-stream services ever since. In the small space at home, my phone's mic has proved more than adequate, and the clarity cannot be faulted.

However, now that we are exploring resuming public services, I have reviewed that initial video and it is clear that, with the phone set up at the back to capture the liturgical action on video, the built-in microphone does not adequately pick up the sound.

I expect the best way to resolve this would be to have a separate mic set up discreetly at the front of the church that could somehow provide the audio feed for the video being streamed from my phone.

However, I have no expertise in this area. Is anybody able to recommend a device? If it helps, my phone is the Google Pixel 3A and runs on Android.

I should be grateful for any assistance.