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On the Modern World



sinjinsmythe said:
Here is an excellent article on the modern world. It talks quite a bit about the ecumenical movement.

I would just be careful about what I found in this link of the "Russian Orthodox Church in Exile," Sinjins. The ROCiE is *NOT* the same as the ROCOR (ROCA), but a group headquartered in Mansonville, Que., Canada, that is in schism from the ROCOR (and the whole of Orthodoxy). Like the HOCNA (Holy Orthodox Church of North America, Metropolis of Boston), another group in schism from the ROCOR, they tend to be extremists on the subject of ecumenism.



Feb 5, 2003
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Vladika Averki of Jordanville, the author of the above-mentioned article, reposed in 1976 - some time before the lamentable schism you cite as reason to dismiss his sermon.

Although you may not agree with the stand against ecumenism and modernization that the ROCiE has taken, it is indeed the position that was held by the historical Russian Orthodox Church Abroad - as evinced by such documents as the one linked to above, and by the living connections the ROCiE has in their current leader, Metropolitan Vitaly, who was the first and senior hierarch of the Synod Abroad before being ousted by the current Metropolitan Laurus.

But we don't have to delve into politics and history - why should we care about the historical context of this sermon at all? sinjinsmythe found it compelling enough to post it here when he first read it - can anyone present some actual arguments against the sermon, or is this message board only for ad-hominem attacks?

I hope that I haven't introduced myself too harshly - I mean the above as a challenge to deeper thinking and not at all as an assault or flame-bait of some sort.

- Joshua Fraese

Webmaster, St. Vladimir's Russian Orthodox Cathedral
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Joshua, just to set the record straight, I have absolutely nothing against Archbishop Averky or his writings, provided that they have not been altered, and I have no cause to believe they have been here. But I also do not believe that any Orthodox hierarch, including Vladyka Averky, is infallible. Concerning Metropolitan Vitaly (since YOU brought his name up in your post), however, and I am not a member of the ROCOR btw, I believe that he is being shamelessly "used" by the schismatic ROCiE in his advanced age.