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Prayer Request for My Sister & Nephew in Kenya


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Oct 17, 2009
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Reno, NV
My sister and her half-Somali son live in Kenya, which has just announced that it is requiring all Somali refugees to return to refugee camps because of the mass of terrorist attacks on Kenyan churches.  

My nephew's father was born in Somalia, but hasn't lived there or been there since he was twelve and he's almost 50 now.  However, the Kenyan government does not always recognize Kenyan citizens who were born in Somalia as citizens.  In addition, in Kenya and most of east Africa a child's father determines the child's assumed nationality and religion.  That often applies even when the child was raised entirely by the mother and holds citizenship and passport in the mother's country.  (The United States, in this case.)

I might be overthinking this, but I'm worried.  Please pray for my sister and nephew's safety and well-being. (I'm not giving names because, *if* they are in any danger, it would not be a good idea.)