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Report from Antiochian WR Conference


Feb 5, 2013
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United Kingdom

Metropolitan Joseph, assisted by Bishop John, presided over the Western Rite Vicariate conference August 7-10, 2018 at St. Peter Orthodox Church​ in Fort Worth, Texas. This was an historic moment for the Antiochian Western Rite since it was the first time a Metropolitan had presided over the biennial conference. Both in his presence and in his words, His Eminence matched the unhesitating, strong support for the Vicariate of his predecessors, Metropolitan Antony and Metropolitan Philip.

In his opening remarks, His Eminence stated that he would do no less than is predecessors. "All the support, all the love, all the prayer, all the sacrifice, any kind of help will be given to you because you are in my heart," Metropolitan Joseph declared. "You are not apart from the Archdiocese. You are a part of this body."
Features quite a nice photo album. Two ROCOR priests were in attendance.