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Rush Limbaugh has Advanced Stage Lung Cancer

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Gebre Menfes Kidus

Feb 3, 2009
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Jackson, MS
I’m surely about to lose some cool points here, but that’s okay. I don’t base my tastes and opinions on what’s fashionable or popular. I like what I like for the reasons I choose, without apology. So here goes… 

I like Rush Limbaugh. I always have. I am, in fact, a fan. That doesn’t mean I agree with Limbaugh’s political opinions. In fact, I probably disagree with him on 90% of the issues he often discusses. But I can strongly disagree with someone’s political opinions while nevertheless respecting and admiring them as a person. 

I have always appreciated Rush for his rapier wit, brilliant sarcasm, intellectual discipline, tremendous work ethic, infectious passion, and irrepressible optimism. Love him or hate him, Rush is truly a master of his craft. Even though I often disagree with him, I still find myself cracking up at the humor with which he conveys his thoughts and opinions. His ability to comically summarize the absurdities and sarcastically ridicule the fallacies of his ideological opponents is unparalleled. And his brilliance is that he does so in a way that everyone can understand. One of his many gifts is his facility for catering his supreme intellect to the comprehension of the common audience. 

While many other political pundits (on both the left and the right) rely on bitter cynicism and cheap talking points, Rush Limbaugh relies on unassailable logic, a rigid adherence to the facts, and an uncanny ability to present his arguments with humor and hope. But what I appreciate most about Rush is the way he treats people. He never speaks to his callers with condescension or scorn. No matter how ignorant a caller may be, Rush always listens patiently, responds kindly, and makes the caller feel valued and appreciated. Rush also frequently entertains callers with radically opposing political viewpoints, and he extends them the same kindness and respect that he extends to his own sycophants. For all of his intellectual prowess and comedic talent, Rush Limbaugh’s success has ultimately been built and sustained by the gracious manner with which he treats people.   

Make no mistake: Rush has sometimes said things that made me cringe. Most notably, his insensitive comments about Donovan McNabb many years ago really had me shaking my head. He was excoriated as a vicious racist and fired from his job as an NFL commentator, and I personally thought that was unfair. Yet he should have known better than to say what he said, and I can certainly understand how many people interpreted his comments as racist. Rush has been on the radio for three hours a day, five days a week, for more than thirty years. That’s a lot of talking. I actually find it pretty amazing that for all the words he’s spoken, and as opinionated as he is, that he has only rarely put his foot in his mouth.

Again, I disagree with most of Rush Limbaugh’s political opinions. So this is by no means an endorsement of his ideology or ideas. But Rush has always made me think, made me laugh, and made me feel optimistic and hopeful about humanity. Our society would be much better off if political pundits and talk show hosts all shared Rush Limbaugh’s positive outlook, sense of humor, intellectual rigor, and gracious treatment of other people. 

Columnist Todd Starnes writes: “Rush is what he is because he is a radio guy—a storyteller, a polemicist, a provocateur, a stand-up comedian, a commentator, an evangelist, an unmatched analyst and a gracious and welcoming host to all who listen.”

Here are a few things we can all learn from Rush Limbaugh, and they have absolutely nothing to do with politics: 

1. There is no substitute for positivity and passion. Give your life to doing something positive, and pursue that positive endeavor with passion and zeal. By this you will lead a joyous life and you will also bring joy to others. 

2. Cultivate intellectual honesty and intellectual discipline. You don’t have to possess a high IQ or an advanced educational degree to have intellectual integrity. Take time to gather the facts, hone your arguments, and then honestly present your opinions with creativity, humor, and sarcasm when warranted.   

3. Cultivate a strong work ethic. Raw talent will only take you so far. Greatness often looks easy, but it’s actually the result of tremendous sacrifices and diligent, persistent effort. 

4. Never abandon optimism. No matter how bad things appear, things can always improve if you stay positive and maintain faith.   

5. Always maintain a sense of humor. Bitterness and hate never accomplish anything. Never take life or yourself too seriously. Laughter is a great healer, medicine for the soul.   

6. Be a person of conviction, and never allow the status quo or the opinions of others to deter you from your convictions. Be open to opposing arguments and contrary ideas, but never allow yourself to be bullied by the myopic consensus of the herd. 

7. Most importantly, whatever you do in life, treat other people with dignity and respect. Know that success is not achieved by stepping on others or stepping over others, but rather by inspiring and encouraging others. As you rise to success, be sure to lift up others along the way.   

I realize that no matter how emphatically I reiterate that I am not doing so, some people will still obstinately interpret this as an endorsement of Rush Limbaugh’s politics and blanket praise for everything the man has ever said and done. I can only emphasize, again, that it is not. In fact, I anticipate that I will probably agree with many of the criticisms of Rush that this post is likely to generate. So please make sure you understand what I am specifically praising here.
My prayers are ascending for Rush Limbaugh as he engages in this intense battle with advanced stage lung cancer. Regardless of how you feel about the man, he is a human being created in the very image of God, and as such he deserves our prayers and our sympathy in his suffering. 

“Lord have mercy.” +++ 

Selam, + Gebre Menfes Kidus + 

Gebre Menfes Kidus:  The fact that you do not agree with most of the political opinions expressed by the person under discussion in this thread, or mention virtues/qualities not associated specifically with politics, does not make this a non-political thread.  If your desire was to have created a thread requesting prayers for Rush Limbaugh, you could have started a simple thread of this nature in the prayer forum while placing this one in "Politics". You have been warned multiple times not to place threads/posts in inappropriate venues, including those of a political nature, over a period of almost eleven years.  Because of this, you will be issued a warning of 40% and consequently remain on post moderation for a time.  Please address any appeal to me.

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