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That All Shall Be Saved


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Jan 24, 2020
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Ohrid Archiepiscopy
isnt more logical to ask Yourself why waisting time reading about universalism if we know there is paganism with its idolatry and above all Final Judgement, as Christians we should not waste time on such writings instead its better at least to give one Prayer for all that are in such delusion than trying to understand their stance, tho sharing Your stance wouldnt hurt but not sure how effective is that knowing in how trivial times we live, but who knows who will pick up the notion on the go as recently I was arguing why abortion is deadly sin if not repented, still even smoking from this aspect is etc. ...


Please Say Prayer for me because I've swearing this week, think this is huge mistake right after Easter, even do in alcoholised state while trying to avoid further attacks on me simply found some kind of defocusing from the argue throwing my rage to the secrete service instead to fight back to my relative directly in same manner ...


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Dec 27, 2008
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David Bentley Hart said:
"...if Christianity is in any way true, Christians dare not doubt the salvation of all, and that any understanding of what God accomplished in Christ that does not include the assurance of a final apokatastasis in which all things created are redeemed and joined to God is ultimately entirely incoherent and unworthy of rational faith
If any and every understanding of Christianity that does not explicitly affirm/include Hart's "factual" (vs. mere hopeful) universalism is, as Hart says, "entirely incoherent and unworthy of rational faith" this entails both Rome and the Eastern sees are incoherent and unworthy of faith, having so completely failed to transmit this portion of the faith of the church for century upon century. The overwhelming majority of major figures in Christian history have evidently consistently and completely misunderstood the Christian faith for a very long time -thank God Hart has after all this time discerned the only coherent worthy truth to supplant all those centuries of incoherence. Since Hart's view is "the only coherent one" surely all that is left is for us to reason well and the scales shall fall from all of our eyes.

Hart's "only coherent and worthy meaning" looks suspiciously like a stronger form of the Reformation idea of perspicacity or "plain meaning" discerned by the "wise and spiritual individual' which was indeed once hailed by many to be the best hope of uniting Christendom. Unfortunately not increased unity, but an exponentially widening crisis of legitimization, pluralism, and fragmentation formed in the wake. Not the best argument for a sure path to verisimilitude, IMO, or for a partucular argument of one on such a path.

Just the same old Protestant (gnostic) song and dance by a self-described "Orthodox" (Hart) who doesn't yet want the label that best describes his approach to "One and Only True Theology"TM
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