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Which are the necessary private Pre-Communion Prayers?


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Dec 23, 2011
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Are your services in Church Slavonic or Polish?

It sounds like you have neat Orthodox things in Poland, like a lot of things in the far eastern part like around Bialystok and Biala Podlaska.

In historical censuses, there were lots of Ukrainians nad Carpatho-Russians living in what is now far southeastern Poland, but is there hardly anything left from them? I heard that there are some villages like the resort village of Krynica/Krynitsa near the Slovak border with a lot of Carpatho-Russians.
Church Slavonic, with some elements in Polish (how much, it depends on the parish); a few parishes have servises in Polish and a few in Ukrainian.

Well, who was Ukrainian and who not is a longer topic that I do not want to enter; in short words, and that should be enough: adjective "Polish" used to be much wider than now (and that's ridiculous that it changed both by right-wing and communists), you could be Polish and Rusyn at the same time, but rather people used to be very local patriotic, doesn't matter what Polish people (including very important minority in Czechia - not Silesians - that were speaking something "their language", being Lutherans but in fact Polish - all against stereotypes). Carpatho-Russians are in fact Lemkos there, still some of them are there and some in Western Poland; there were also Boykos but all of them were re-settled by force, only material culture left. There were process to make them Ukrainians, and some Lemkos, especially Greek Catholics, have such identity; Orthodox tend to be more just Lemkos or Lemkos connected also to Polish culture.

Ah, there are still some - but very few, as frankly they are forgotten by everybody - Polish (!) Orthodox in current Belarus and Latvia.

But it's an off-topic. I just wanted to show for whom are such announcement regarding preparation for Communion and canonical issues.