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Why Topics in Christian News Get 'Deported'

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Jun 24, 2009
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Some have asked why it seems that a number of topics started on the Christian News Forum end up being relocated to other Fora.

The answer is simple: the Christian News Forum is, per Forum rules, not a place for debate or polemics.  Discussion is permitted, but once 'sides' begin to form, we enter into the realm of debate.

If you follow enough of these threads, one can see that posters will often unintentionally drift gradually from discussion to debate.  It frequently is unintentional, and slowly develops over a number of posts, as opposed to those who come out with guns blazing on their very first posts.

In the case of the latter, it is easy to slam someone with green text and formal warning points.  However, it is less so when we see how the passions that become evident in one post have been building over several.

So, the best way to prevent posters from being sucked into the trap of their own ardent opinions is to move the thread to another Forum where lively debate (which has entered into its contractions in the Christian News Forum) can give birth in a Moderated Forum where all the blood and screaming associated with childbirth is not only expected but even encouraged (if you are not screaming there, someone will surely try to hold you upside down and slap your bottom in the Moderated Fora... or perhaps that's just in the Private Fora... well, you get the point).

This way, posters can continue along the natural course of their dialog without risking points, moderation, humiliation, and the consternation of those who have worn out the 'Report to Moderator' key on their keyboard (I am convinced that some Forum members have such a key, given the astounding number of reports they generate).  Mercy begets mercy.

If you have any questions about moderation policy, you are encouraged to PM a moderator.  We will endeavor to respond to you inquiry in the most appropriate manner and time frame.

Thank you for choosing OCNet.  Your posts are important to us.

-Father Giryus
General Fora Moderator

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